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Why You Need to Prepare Your Pool for Winter

Winterizing your pool is an important part of swimming pool maintenance. Prepare your pool for winter to help prevent damage to the plumbing and keep equipment from freezing. Take care of pool winterization tasks in the fall before temperatures drop below 32 degrees F.

The process of winterizing will be similar, no matter the make, model, and size of your swimming pool. Just as you need to care for your pool in warmer weather, you need to keep the PH balanced and the water clean throughout the winter. Because you’ll not be using your pool until warmer weather, it’s important to keep organisms like algae from growing when your pool isn’t in use.

Balance the Water to Prepare Your Pool for Winter

The first step in winterizing your pool is to balance the chemistry of the water. Clean your pool thoroughly. That means brushing, vacuuming, and cleaning out the filters and skimmer baskets. After the water is clean, shock the pool water to remove any remaining contaminants.

Remove Accessories

Next, remove any of your pool accessories, such as skimmer baskets and the ladder – if you have a removable one – so you can cover your pool completely and without gaps. This will not only keep your pool warmer, but it will also help prevent dirt and other debris from collecting in the water. Drain any equipment that holds water, such as filters and pumps.

To Prepare Your Pool for Winter: Lower the Water Level

Lower the water level a few inches to just below the skimmer. Use a high powered air compressor or shop vac to blow the water out of the skimmer pipes and replace it with a pool antifreeze. Select an antifreeze specifically formulated for swimming pools and follow the manufacturer’s directions.

Prevent Freezing

Plug open pipes, returns, and water feature drains. This will prevent water from seeping in and antifreeze from escaping. The final step is to cover your pool with a sturdy, weatherproof cover. To keep your pool protected, periodically siphon off any water that accumulates on the top of the cover.

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