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Owning a pool lets you enjoy summer activities in the comfort of your backyard, but it also comes with maintenance responsibilities. It takes dedication to keep your pool running well. Here are 7 swimming pool maintenance tips to keep your pool in great condition.

Test Water Quality for Swimming Pool Maintenance

Adding the correct types of chemicals to your pool is important. Failing to keep the proper chemical balance results in unsafe bacteria growth in the pool. Check the water quality once per week. It won’t hurt to check it more often if you’re using the pool a lot. The best pH level for a swimming pool is from 7.4 to 7.6. You’ll see calcium residue building up around the pool’s walls if the pH balance is off.

Keep a Clean Filter

You don’t need to inspect and clean the filter as often as you do the water quality. Clean the filter every three to six months. Also, check the filter after a heavy rainstorm, because a storm can cause debris to get stuck in it.

Clean Out Collection Pots and Baskets

Your swimming pool maintenance schedule should include cleaning the various collection pots and baskets in and around the pool. Remove debris from the pump’s lint and hair pot. You’ll find this pot inside the pump. Don’t clean the pot until after you’ve turned the pump off and released system pressure. Do this procedure at least once every two weeks. Clean out the leaf basket and skimmer basket periodically.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Requires Water Level Checks

If the pool’s water level is too high, then the skimmer door won’t work properly. Your pump may burn out or dry up if the water level is too low. You’ll notice that the pool’s water level will change after using it a lot or after heavy rainstorms.

Skimming and Scrubbing

Skim the water’s surface and scrub the pool walls when performing your swimming pool maintenance tasks. Skim the pool every day to get rid of leaves and other debris. Keeping the surface of the water clean makes it easier to perform other pool maintenance tasks. Scrub down the sides every two weeks. Use a scrub brush to get rid of algae and other types of buildup.

The Tennis Ball Trick for Swimming Pool Maintenance

Did you know that an ordinary tennis ball will keep your pool looking clean? A tennis ball naturally absorbs oils that are in the water. These oils come from hair products, body oils, and suntan lotions. Simply drop the ball into the water and let it absorb the oils.

Get Prepared for Cooler Weather

At the end of the swimming pool season, get the pool ready for winter. You’ll face high repair bills if you don’t winterize the pool. Make sure your pool’s chemicals are balanced properly by using a water testing kit. Drain all water from the plumbing and keep the pool covered. Do not drain the water fully out of the pool or it may suffer from structural problems.

You can only do so much on your own when maintaining your pool. It’s smart to bring in a professional service company at least once annually to perform regular maintenance. A professional technician understands how to spot potential problems and will help you keep everything in working order.

Swimming pool maintenance isn’t difficult. Adhere to a regular schedule and you will keep your pool in good shape. Check out our blog on swimming pool safety tips to learn how to safely enjoy it.

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