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Fireplaces provide warmth and ambiance. However, without the proper tools, it can be tough to maintain a safe and cozy fire. There are many fireplace tools and accessories that homeowners should keep in their homes for safety and convenience. This article discusses seven must-have fireplace tools to invest in before winter arrives.

1. Poker

A poker is one of the must-have fireplace tools. It is ideal for adjusting burning logs to increase the airflow and help your fire burn longer and more efficiently.

Most indoor fireplace pokers are 15” to 20” long and feature an insulated handle to keep your hands safe. Although the fireplace poker usually has this standard minimum length, you can find even longer ones that will provide optimum protection from the heat of the fireplace.

2. Ash Bucket and Shovel are Must-Have Fireplace Tools

Use a metal ash bucket and shovel to clean up your fireplace. Once the fire has completely cooled, collect ash and coal with the shovel and deposit them in the bucket. This is a low-maintenance clean-up method since the ash bucket rarely needs to be emptied. Thick, textured handles help you maintain maximum control.

When cleaning out your fireplace, be sure to leave an inch or so of ash in place. This will help you more easily build and maintain your next fire.

3. Must-Have Fireplace Tools: Andirons

The firewood is supported beneath by andirons, also known as fire dogs, which allow air to circulate on all sides of the wood for a more efficient fire. Fireplace andirons are available in a range of antique and modern designs to complement your fireplace.

4. Fireplace Rugs

Fireplace rugs are made of fire-resistant materials that not only protect your property from sparks and embers but also add to the aesthetic of your home. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs to match any décor.

5. Fireplace Screen

Unless you have glass fireplace doors that are closed while a fire is burning, you’ll need to place a screen in front of it. A screen keeps hot embers and ash from harming your carpet or furniture and causing a fire. A screen in conjunction with a fireplace rug will also prevent debris from damaging the floor in front of the hearth. That’s why both are must-have fireplace tools and accessories.

Although a fireplace screen is essential, you don’t have to buy one simply for its functionality. There are some decorative screens on the market that also improve the look of your fireplace.

6. Fireplace Tongs and Gloves are Must-Have Fireplace Tools

Tongs are similar to a fireplace poker in that they help move logs around to increase airflow. Tongs, however, allow you to pick up and position a log in a certain way so that your fire will burn more effectively. When choosing tongs, look for ones that are sturdy enough to move large logs and flexible enough to easily grasp the log.

Fireplace gloves are ideal for awkward pieces of firewood that won’t move easily from a distance with a tool. Nothing compares to the manual dexterity of your own hands when it comes to rearranging fireplace logs.

7. A Fireplace Broom

A fireplace broom is a must-have fireplace tool for cleaning up ash and soot in and around your fireplace. Brushes are also handy for clearing out old, cooled ash from your firebox to keep it clean and to minimize the smoke smell between fires.

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