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If you want to make an impactful change to your home’s interior but don’t want to spend money hiring a contractor, complete some DIY painting projects. Here are 5 interior painting tips to help the job go smoothly.

The Right Weather for Painting

It is best to paint on a mild, dry day. Humid and rainy weather conditions will keep the coat of paint moist for longer, increasing the dry time. You also may want to open the windows to disperse the fumes, so it is best if the temperature outside is pleasant.

Invest in High-Quality Supplies

While you may want to go with basic interior paint, it is worth spending a few dollars more for the premium. You’ll need several coats of cheaper paint to achieve the same finish as one or two coats of high-quality paint.

You’ll end up spending less money by upgrading to premium paint since you’ll use less of it, and the job will go more quickly. Also, be sure to buy quality rollers and paintbrushes. Get an assortment of paintbrushes in various sizes to fit into the nooks and crannies.

Interior Painting Tips for Protecting Items

Before you start painting the walls, you need to protect the furniture and floors in the room. Furniture should be moved out if possible, but if not, move it away from the walls and protect it with drop cloths. Cover the entire floor with protective cloths or plastic.

Remove Outlet Covers

You’ll tape up the trim with painter’s tape, but instead of doing this around outlets and light switches, remove their covers completely. This is easy to do and you’ll get a neater finish.

Interior Painting Tips: Paint Carefully

Take your time when painting; this is not a job you should rush through hastily. For a streak-free finish, move the roller up and down in a “W” shape. Take ample breaks to prevent sloppy work, and when you’re done, you’ll have a refreshed room that’s crisp and clean.

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