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You might think that you don’t need an inspection when buying a brand new home. What could be wrong with a home that was just built? Unfortunately, even newly-constructed houses can have defects. Let’s look at a few reasons why it’s smart to order a home inspection on new construction.

What is a Home Inspection?

A full home inspection is an evaluation of your home’s roof, heating and cooling systems, structure, foundation, electrical system, and appliances.

These inspections are conducted by a professional, third-party home inspector. He or she will provide a thorough report outlining all issues, defects, and safety concerns that should be addressed by the builder. Request that any needed repairs are done before you move in, while it is still the builder’s responsibility.

Typical Defects Found During a Home Inspection on New Construction

A home inspector may discover issues with your brand new home. Some problems that may exist are foundation cracks, windows with poor seals, improper grading and drainage, poorly installed wiring, HVAC issues, insufficient insulation, and incorrectly installed light fixtures. Learn about problems and have them repaired before move-in day.

Isn’t a Code Inspection Enough?

After construction is complete, the city or county inspector will come out to check the property. You might wonder why you can’t simply depend on local building inspectors to make sure everything is built correctly. Unfortunately, a municipal inspector is only there to verify that your home was built to meet local codes which are minimum standards for safety. Local inspectors don’t perform complete home inspections like third-party inspectors do, so you shouldn’t expect them to look for every possible defect.

Prepare for a Future Sale With a Home Inspection on New Construction

Getting a home inspection on new construction will potentially save you thousands of dollars whenever you decide to sell the home. Your buyer will order an inspection and any problems found will be your responsibility, even defects that date back to the original construction. Protect your investment with a home inspection.

HomeSpec offers inspections on newly built homes in the Memphis and North Mississippi area. If you’re buying a house, contact us to schedule our services.