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An electrical issue can quickly shift from a minor problem to a dangerous situation. Most homeowners assume their electrical systems are safe, but you should learn to recognize signs of electrical problems in the home.

Electrical Problems in the Home: What to Watch For

Watch out for the following signs of electrical problems around your house:

Unfamiliar Odors

It isn’t uncommon for new appliances to emit a strange odor after initially being installed. This smell can be attributed to an appliance’s finish or paint. However, if the smell is coming from an outlet, this is a sign of an electrical issue. If you smell a burning odor around an outlet, unplug anything plugged in and don’t use it until you have an electrician take a look.

Cheap Electrical Products Can Cause Electrical Problems in the Home

Homeowners love to save money, but shouldn’t do this by purchasing cheap electrical cords and power strips. Cheap products can be poorly manufactured and lead to electrical emergencies because they are not up to industry standards. Avoid a dangerous situation by making sure all your electrical products are purchased from reputable manufacturers. Look for the UL, or Underwriters Laboratory, seal on all of your electrical products.

Sparking or Warm Outlets

Other signs of electrical problems at home include warm outlets or outlets that spark. If your outlets feel warm to the touch or produce sparks when you plug something in, this is cause for alarm. Contact an electrician to inspect your outlets and make repairs.

Buzzing Sounds

Switches and outlets should operate silently. If you hear buzzing from your outlets, this is a sign of an electrical issue. If your electrical outlets or switches make sound, turn off the breaker immediately. Have your electrician take a look before using that outlet or light switch again.

Loose Outlets and Broken Light Switches

Outlets and switches need maintenance over time. If your outlets or switches work intermittently or your outlets are becoming loose, make repairs. Loose outlets and broken light switches indicate faulty or loose wiring. Avoid a dangerous situation by having repairs made at the first sign of trouble.

Make sure the electricity in your home doesn’t become a danger to you and your family. Watch out for these indications of problems to help prevent emergency situations.

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