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Starting and caring for a home garden takes time, money, and effort, and you want it to thrive even during periods of blistering heat. From watering plants to adding mulch, there are many things you can do for healthy plants. Use these four tips to help your garden survive summer.

Help Your Garden Survive Summer by Adding Mulch

Mulching your beds is arguably the best way to protect your plants from hot weather. A layer of mulch helps plants retain moisture, limits evaporation, and prevents weeds from taking over the garden.

Many options for mulching materials include wood chips, straw, pine needles, and shredded leaves. When applying mulch, spread it out evenly in the flower bed instead of piling it up; too much organic matter can suffocate plants.

Choose Plants That Do Well in Hot Weather

If you live in a place that often experiences hot weather, choose crops that thrive in your climate. Some plants that do well during summer include peppers, squash, green beans, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Start the seeds early in the spring when it’s cooler to give the plants time to become established before the hottest days of summer.

Water Plants Early

Gardening during summer requires a lot of water. The optimal time to water your plants is in the morning, when the temperatures are still cool. Watering before it’s hot outside allows the water to reach the roots of your plants rather than evaporating in the sun.

Use a spray nozzle attached to the garden hose or water by hand to ensure water reaches the plants’ base. A sprinkler may not be the best approach on the hottest days because some areas won’t be adequately watered, while others will receive too much, leading to wasted water.

Don’t skip watering your plants during summer. Because high temperatures mean a higher evaporation rate, it’s necessary to provide plenty of water, sometimes twice daily. Water your plants regularly at the base to boost growth and water retention.

Provide Shade to Help Your Garden Survive Summer

Installing a shade is another effective way to help your garden survive summer. Even with sun-loving crops, too much exposure to the sun can be harmful. There are different ways to shade your plants.

  • Buy a shade cloth. These are usually made of loose woven material and are available in different colors such as blue, white, black, and brown. To limit sun exposure, opt for a black shade cloth.
  • Build a canopy using old bed sheets.
  • Use a beach umbrella to protect the plants from direct sunlight.
  • Plant sunflowers among your vegetables. They grow tall and will provide some relief and shade during intense sunny days.

Whether you’re planning to start a home garden or want to prepare it beforehand for warmer weather, the above gardening tips will help your garden survive summer.

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