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Whether you want to conserve a valuable natural resource or simply reduce your water bill, there are some easy ways to save water at home. Below are six ideas to help you and your family accomplish this task.

Helpful Tips to Save Water at Home

1. Only Run Your Appliances When They are Full

Your washing machine and dishwasher use a good amount of water in your home. Only run them when they are full to reduce the amount of water you use, lower your water bill, and save money on your energy costs.

2. Save Water at Home by Turning off Your Faucets

One of the best ways to save water at home is by turning off your faucets when you don’t need running water. Don’t leave the water running while you brush your teeth, wash your face, shave, or rinse your dishes. If everyone in your house develops a habit of turning off the tap, you will save hundreds of gallons of water each month.

3. Repair Plumbing Leaks

In addition to turning off your faucets, always repair leaks as soon as you spot them. It may seem like a small drip isn’t going to make a huge difference, but even a slow drip can waste 20 gallons of water every day. Add this up over weeks or months, and you have wasted a large amount of water and money.

Keep an eye out for leaks around the house. Your dishwasher hoses might drip, the water heater can leak, and toilets can malfunction, wasting gallons of water each day. Check underneath sinks and beneath appliances and call a professional for repairs if you see any damp areas.

4. Install Water-Saving Products

From showerheads to toilets to washing machines, there are products that help you reduce usage and cut down on wasted water. Spend the money to invest in these now and save gallons of water over time.

5. Plant Native Plants

One of the areas of your home that uses a lot of water is your landscaping. This is important for your property value and adds aesthetic appeal to your home. If you want to reduce the amount of water that is needed to maintain your yard, choose native plants.

Native plants have adapted to the area and can live with minimal amounts of water. Adding native plants around your home helps reduce the amount of water you use for gardening and gives you beautiful and lush outdoor spaces.

6. Capture Rainwater to Save Water at Home

Along with adding native plants, you can capture rainwater for your landscaping. There are many devices you can purchase to catch water, like rain barrels, but simply adding buckets under your downspouts also works. If you decide to collect rainwater, cover the collection container so mosquitoes don’t find an appealing place to reproduce.

There are many reasons to reduce your water consumption, including being more efficient and reducing your bills. With some lifestyle changes, you can easily save water at home.

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