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Listing your house on the market requires preparation and research to get it ready for potential buyers. Some sellers choose to forgo certain tasks, which can influence how long it takes to sell the home. There are several reasons to schedule a pre-listing home inspection.

1. Schedule a Pre-Listing Home Inspection to Accurately Price the House

One of the most important parts of listing your house is setting the listing price, which can attract more buyers or turn them away. Many sellers list their home too high because they’re not aware of underlying issues on the property. When you schedule a pre-listing home inspection, you may find potential problems that influence the value of your property. You’ll have more confidence about the listing price of the house if you know the property’s true condition.

2. Boost Buyer Confidence

You can boost your buyer’s confidence if you are upfront about the home’s condition. If the house is free of defects after you perform the necessary fixes, it will give buyers peace of mind during the transaction. If you don’t want to replace the roof or repair plumbing issues, the buyer’s offer can be adjusted to reflect major repairs they will need to make.

3. Make Repairs in Advance

It’ll be easier to sell your home if you make the repairs before the buyer’s inspection. Home buyers don’t want to put a significant amount of money into a house after they purchase it. When you take care of issues before a potential buyer ever sees the home, it will have a better chance of selling quickly.

4. More Negotiating Power

As a seller, you’ll have more negotiating power when interacting with potential buyers if you’re thoroughly informed about the current state of your property. Without an inspection, problems may come as a surprise later on, which can put a strain on your time and money. You are much less likely to have your buyer negotiate with you if you’ve already had a pre-listing home inspection and addressed any issues.

5. Schedule a Pre-Listing Home Inspection to Save Time

Anyone who has sold a home before understands how time consuming it can be. When you schedule a pre-listing home inspection, it can save time because the buyer won’t get hung up on issues during the closing. This can prevent your home from sitting on the market for a long time.

A pre-listing home inspection offers these benefits and many more when selling your home. The small fee for the inspection is minimal compared to the time and money you can save from having one.

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