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Winter has arrived, and most homeowners are concerned about higher electric bills. If you want to stay cozy and warm during the chilly months but would like to avoid costly utility bills, there are simple changes to make around your home. From weatherstripping windows and doors to installing a programmable thermostat, these tips will help keep your home warmer and help you save energy this winter.

Weatherstrip Windows and Doors to Save Energy this Winter

Drafts are one of the biggest culprits for wasting energy in the winter. Install weatherstripping around windows and doors to prevent cold air from entering your home through gaps. Weatherstripping is inexpensive, easy to install, and reduces drafts while keeping warm air inside.

It’s also worthwhile to check for cracks between window frames and walls that could let cold air in. Caulking these gaps will keep your home more comfortable all year round.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Getting a smart thermostat may seem like an expensive investment up front, but in the long run, it pays off because it can adjust temperatures automatically at certain times of the day. Investing in a new thermostat means you won’t waste energy by leaving your furnace running when you’re out of the house. Plus, if you ever need to turn down your thermostat before leaving for work or vacation, the smart thermostat can be controlled by your smartphone.

Save Energy this Winter: Hang Insulating Curtains

Hanging heavy curtains over drafty windows is another great way to insulate your home against cold air during winter months. Thick curtains provide an extra layer of insulation that keeps warm air inside while blocking cold drafts from outside. Heavyweight curtains also contribute to soundproofing, so street noise doesn’t disturb family members who are sleeping late on their days off.

Switching to LED Smart Bulbs

Replacing traditional light bulbs with LED smart bulbs is an easy yet effective way to save energy this winter (and all year round). LED bulbs last longer than traditional bulbs, so you don’t have to replace them as often. They also use less energy than other types of lightbulbs, so that you won’t waste electricity (and money). Plus, LED smart bulbs are adjustable, allowing you to control brightness levels remotely from anywhere via smartphone or tablet – perfect for boosting security on nights when you arrive home after dark.

With just a few simple changes around your home, you can keep your family cozy and warm this winter without spending a fortune on high electric bills. Install weatherstripping to prevent drafts, invest in a smart thermostat, hang thick curtains, and switch to LED smart bulbs to keep your home comfortable without breaking the bank this winter.

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