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The Best Plants for Pet Owners

Many homeowners use plants to spruce up the yard and add some curb appeal, but they are also excellent for decorating the interior. If you have pets or young children, take special care to choose pet-safe houseplants. Some plants have toxins that animals and people shouldn’t ingest. Take precautions by only keeping these types of house plants.

Spider Plants Add Greenery to Your Home

Spider plants are a popular option for pet-safe houseplants because they are lush and green. They require very little care to thrive. You can place your spider plant in indirect, low light, like on a coffee table or bookshelf. Over time, your spider plant will grow between one to two feet tall, depending on its container. Spider plants are also known as air purifiers, offering various benefits.

One of the Pet-Safe Houseplants is a Christmas Cactus

Christmas cacti are a great alternative to toxic plants with flowers like amaryllis. While these are considered pet-safe houseplants, keep them off the floor and avoid putting them somewhere where your pet might try to eat them. The leaves are not poisonous, but your pet might experience discomfort if they ingest them.

Boston Fern

Another one of the most popular pet-safe houseplants is the Boston fern. These plants are classic selections to pot in a hanging basket. The leaves drape over the basket or pot. Boston ferns do best in places with high humidity and indirect light.

Adding Herbs? Make Sure They’re Pet-Safe Houseplants

Many homeowners love having fresh herbs in the home for cooking, and they are also aesthetically pleasing. When choosing pet-safe houseplants, you should pay close attention to what herbs are safe and which ones might lead to stomach problems. Some herbs you should never have in your home where pets might encounter them include chives, garlic, mint, and oregano.

The best pet-safe herbs are basil, thyme, rosemary, and catnip.

Polka Dot Plants

While lots of people love greenery, some prefer bright pops of color. Polka dot plants have colorful green and pink leaves. They are safe for pets if they bite or consume them. Polka dot plants will grow up to three feet tall, depending on the vessel you plant them in.

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