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When you put an offer on a new house, one of the next steps should be to order a home inspection. A professional home inspector will come over to the property and evaluate its condition and fixtures. Here are 7 reasons why home buyers need a home inspection.

Home Buyers Need a Home Inspection to Discover Issues

It is normal for homes to have problems. While things may look fine to a layman, a trained inspector looks at houses differently. You can learn if the home you have placed an offer on has any costly requirements or repairs needed through a home inspection.

You Need a Home Inspection to Avoid a Money Pit

Infrequently, home buyers want to back out of a sale when they discover a problem that they cannot come to an agreement with the seller about. When you have an inspection that reveals any major problems with the home, you will usually be able to legally back out of the sale. The results of an inspection are a legitimate way to get out of a purchase agreement if the home needs an exorbitant amount of repairs.

Structural Problems

With a home inspection, you can find out about structural problems before buying the home. Structural problems are typically very expensive to fix. A professional evaluation of the structural parts of the home is another benefit of a home inspection.


Home inspectors check the plumbing system. An inspection can detect leaks both inside and outside of the home. By detecting leaks, you will be able to address them before purchasing the home. Leaks can also reveal water damage and mold problems.


One of the primary reasons why it is important to get a home inspection is safety. No one wants to live in a home that is unsafe. A home inspector will assess whether the home is a safe place to live. This includes the stability of the flooring and wall structures, appliances that work properly, and a safe electrical system. When you know the home is safe, you will be more confident about following through on your purchase.

Maintenance Costs

There is going to be required maintenance for any home. With a home inspection, you will get a better idea of what things need to be maintained and what needs to be replaced within the next few years. An inspection gives you a sense of how much you will need to budget each year for maintaining the home.

You Need a Home Inspection to Back Up Negotiations

A home inspection report gives you leverage in the negotiation process. There may be a reason to to request a reduction in price if there is a major issue. You can also request that the buyer makes certain fixes before you move in. Follow your real estate agent’s lead when negotiating, because a professional agent knows which problems are worth negotiating over and what should be accepted as-is.

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