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Owning a home can sometimes feel like one endless maintenance project. Sure, you could call a handyperson or a contractor, but there are tons of basic maintenance projects you can take care of yourself – without the wait and the expense. Here are must-have tools for every homeowner to help you handle routine maintenance and emergency repairs.

Claw Hammer

From displaying pictures to hanging holiday lights, a hammer is a must-have tool for everyone. Claw hammers are a good option. They install and remove nails easily. You can use the claw-end as a crowbar in a pinch to dismantle wooden shipping crates and pallets.

Must-Have Tools for Every Homeowner: Drill Set

A cordless drill is a useful option, but corded drills and drivers offer more power at a lower price tag. Just make sure you keep an extension cord lying around. Many tool makers sell drill/driver sets with an assortment of bits and screwdriver heads. A ready-made set is a good choice if you’re just putting together a tool kit and don’t know exactly what you need for the job.

Drills provide constant rotation speed and have an adjustable torque setting. Adjustable is important because if the torque is too high, you risk damaging the material you’re drilling.

Drivers, or impact drivers, have an internal spring or hammer that compresses repeatedly and rapidly while the driver is spinning. This tool allows you to sink deck screws quickly and helps drill to brick and masonry.

Channel Locks/Adjustable Wrench

An adjustable wrench is essential in any homeowner’s tool kit. These are often used for basic plumbing maintenance but are a great time saver if you don’t want to dig around for the correct size ratchet bit. Adjustable wrenches come in various sizes for whatever job you’re tackling.

\Drain Snake

Every homeowner has a plunger in their bathroom, but not everyone owns a drain snake. Manual drain snakes are affordable and can save an expensive call to the plumber. Best used for clearing stubborn toilet clogs and slow floor drains, these handy tools are a lifesaver.

Measuring Tape

Most households will appreciate a 25’ foot measuring tape. Purchase a smaller one to keep in the utility drawer for measuring for furniture or new appliances. Larger reel-mounted tape measures are great for planning a garden, determining the square footage of the kitchen, or measuring holiday decorations.

Must-Have Tools for Every Homeowner: Ladders

A two or three-step ladder will allow you to reach most lightbulbs and windows, and a more durable 12’ ladder will help you clean 2nd-floor windows and access the gutters. Make sure the ladder you choose is sturdily built and can lock open.

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