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Here are a few helpful tips to make your home more energy efficient. Even in the summer heat, you can save money and stay comfortable.

Window Coverings Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Use window shades, especially during the hottest part of the day. If you have blackout blinds, that’s even better. By blocking the sun from the windows, you’ll keep the inside of your home cooler. The air conditioning won’t work as hard, helping you save money and increase energy efficiency.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

There is no need to leave the air conditioning on when no one is home. Buy a programmable thermostat and set the device to turn the AC on about an hour before you arrive home. You’ll save energy by not unnecessarily cooling an empty house. The thermostat will also come in handy in the winter, as you can program it to adjust the temperature at any time of day.

Use Ceiling Fans

On milder days, skip the air conditioning altogether and use a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans use a fraction of the electricity of an AC unit, and the airflow will help cool any space in your house. Remember to turn it off when you’re not in the room. In the summer, set the fan blades to rotate in a counter-clockwise direction for best results.

Unplug Appliances to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Leaving appliances plugged in uses energy, even when the device is not in use. Some appliances, like the microwave, coffee maker, and toaster oven, use phantom energy that adds to your power bill. Get into the habit of unplugging electronics and appliances, including TVs, stereos, and chargers. It is a small change but will save money in the long run and help to increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Cook Less Frequently in the Summer

When you can, avoid using the oven in summer. Take advantage of the fresh veggies that are abundant this time of year. Make light salads, sandwiches, and soups—all quickly served without cooking. If you need to cook, use the grill on the backyard deck or wait until evening when the temperatures are lower.

Any appliance that generates heat, like the stove, dishwasher, and laundry machines, contributes to warming your home. As the indoor temperature rises, the AC has to work harder to compensate. Wait until after dark to run heat-producing appliances.

You’ll reduce the electric bill, increase your home’s energy efficiency, and save money with just a few simple adjustments.

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