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As a homeowner, you want family members and guests to be comfortable and secure on your property. Basic safety protocol and regular maintenance and upkeep are important to keep your home safe.

Test Smoke Detectors in the Home

Smoke detectors save lives and can help your family escape in case of a house fire. At least monthly, test all of the smoke detectors in your home. Twice a year, replace the batteries in each device. A helpful way to remember when it’s time for replacement is to change the batteries when daylight savings time begins and ends.

Use Nightlights to Keep Your Home Safe

Good lighting is essential for boosting safety and security in almost any environment. This is especially true in your home. For young children and elderly family members, additional lighting at night will help them safely navigate hallways and bathrooms.

Secure Handrails

Most building codes require handrails on a staircase with two or more steps. Make sure your handrails are securely attached to the wall and that the handrail provides continuous support from the top of the staircase to the bottom.

Keep Your Home Safe with Outdoor Lighting

Add lighting to make your home safer. Outdoors, the front porch should be well-lit after dark. Install motion-detecting lights near the driveway and on the sides of the house. These lights will power on when you arrive home. Install solar-powered LED lights along the driveway and/or walkways. These will help you and your visitors safely navigate your property at night while also deterring burglars.

Install a Security System

A monitored security system is a great way to boost safety around the house. Many modern systems can be monitored from your smartphone. Your mobile device will alert you to any movement around the house. Ask your homeowners insurance provider if they offer discounts to properties covered by a monitored home security system.

Start a Neighborhood Watch to Keep Your Home Safe

If your community does not already have a neighborhood watch program, start one. These types of programs are great for boosting security in the neighborhood and for fostering a sense of community. When you participate in a neighborhood watch program, you get to know your neighbors and everyone works together to keep the area safe.

Purchase Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are essential items for home safety. An extinguishing device can make the difference between a small kitchen fire and an out-of-control whole-house blaze. Learn how to properly use a fire extinguisher and teach other members of your family how to use one in case of a fire.

For safety, keep at least one fire extinguisher on each level of your home. There should also be one near the furnace, an extinguisher in the garage, and another device near your backyard grill or fire pit.

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