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Declutter Your Home with these Techniques

Decluttering will help you create a more comfortable and tidy home. Here are a few helpful tips to help you declutter your home.

No matter where you start, start small. Jumping into a huge decluttering project may cause you to feel overwhelmed and frustrated quickly. Choose a small section of your home and follow the basic steps to remove clutter. Then, move on to another area. Tackling the job in phases will allow you to make progress and encourage you to continue the work.

Sort Items into Groups

When you begin decluttering, remove everything from the space you are cleaning. Sort your belongings into three piles. Make a group of items you want to keep. Use a box to collect things you don’t want or need. This will go to a donation center or you might have a yard sale. Finally, any items that you are not sure about, put in the third pile. Any type of container will work. Use wastebaskets, laundry baskets, or boxes to organize these piles while you declutter.

Clean the Area

After you’ve removed everything from the space, clean it thoroughly. Wipe down the walls, clean the floor, dust shelving, and vacuum to remove cobwebs. You’ll have a freshly cleaned area to store your belongings. When the space starts out completely clean, you’ll be motivated to keep it that way.

Put Away Belongings You’re Keeping

Next, organize the items you are keeping. Find a place for each item you are not getting rid of. If you struggle to find somewhere to store something, ask yourself if you really need it.

When putting things away, store items you use often in easy-to-reach areas. When organizing your closet, your favorite shoes should be stored near the front of the closet. Books and board games your kids need access to can be kept on lower shelves. Other items like holiday décor or out-of-season clothing are better stored out of the way in an attic or garage.

Organize Things You Need To Store

For storing belongings that you don’t need daily access to, like sporting equipment, holiday decorations, and seasonal items, consider using plastic bins in your garage, attic, or basement. Label the bins so the items are easy to locate when you need them later.

Designate a certain closet in your home for seasonal coats, sweaters, and scarves. When putting things away, it’s helpful to mark the date on the box. If you realize you haven’t used the tennis equipment in over a year, reconsider whether or not you want it taking up valuable space in your home.

Continue to Declutter Your Home

As you worked through decluttering your home, you collected items that you couldn’t decide whether to keep or get rid of. Sort through these items again and add what you can to your donation boxes. If you’re still unsure, find somewhere to store an item and use a label or piece of masking tape to record the date. Anything you haven’t used within a year is best donated or given to a friend or family member.

Decluttering gets easier with practice. You will develop healthier habits and learn to move things out of the home when you no longer need them. In a clutter-free home, the living spaces are more inviting and relaxing. As a bonus, household chores are easier when there are fewer things to clean.

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